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The year's leading women's handball competition is scheduled in November 2022. We're speaking about the European Championship, to be jointly hosted by three former Yugoslavia states, Slovenia, North Macedonia and Montenegro. Slovenia's Celje and Ljubljana will be hosting Group A and Group B fixtures. North Macedonia's Skopje will play host to fixtures in Group C, which includes Romania, alongside the teams of France, the Low Countries and North Macedonia. Games will be played on the Boris Trajkovski arena in Skopje. Group D games are scheduled in Podgorica. 

The competition will kick-start on November 4. Romania's debut game is scheduled on November 5, when our national squad takes on the Low Countries team. Then Romania takes on France, on November 7, while on Wednesday, November 9, Romania goes against host team, North Macedonia. The fist three teams, in descending order, advance to the competition's main group stage. Most likely, and according to their most recent excellent run, France and the Low Countries are the favorites to winning the top and the runner-up position in Group C, while Romania will fight will North Macedonia for the 3rd position in the group. A daunting task ahead, for the Romanians. The Skopje Arena has a seating capacity for up to 7,000 fans, while the Macedonian supporters will go at all lengths so that their national team can win.

Last week's Carpati Trophy in Bistritsa counted as the last leg as part of Romanian national squad's centralized preparation stage ahead of the upcoming European competition. For the national team, it was the first tournament with head-coach Florentin Pera at the helm.

Romanian national squad's debut match against Austria ended in a 32-all draw. Then the team's defensive game mechanisms were perfected and in the following fixtures it worked for the Romanian squad's greater good. Therefore, Romania had no problem defeating Serbia, 26-20. In the competition's last confrontation, Romania defeated Spain, 25-23, and secured the top position according to the final rankings. In the game against Spain, keeper Iulia Dumanska and inside left Sorina Grozav compelled recognition. Grozav replaced Cristina Neagu, who was again the national's team's best handballer. Apart from Sorina Grozav, Pera threw several handballers of the younger generation into the game, and it appears that the collaboration between veterans and the younger handballers went just about fine. However, we're still a month away from the European Championships, an eventful month with European Cups matches on schedule, so we keep our fingers crossed for the handballers and their health. (EN)
Publicat: 2022-10-05 13:45:00
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