Romania, one step closer to joining Schengen?

romania, one step closer to joining schengen? Following Germany's announcement, Romania could be one step closer to joining Schengen

Bucharest authorities have hailed Germany's support for Romania's Schengen accession bid, and have thanked Chancellor Olaf Scholz for his message of support in this respect. In his address on the EU meeting in Prague, the German Chancellor said Romania, Croatia and Buglaria have complied with all technical criteria for becoming a full member of the Schengen Area, which must be protected and developed. "I will act to make sure they become full members", the Berlin official said. The announcement follows after France's president, Emmanuel Macron, during his visit to Romania in June, equally announced his support for Romania's critical objective. Following Monday's announcement made by Olaf Scholz, president Klaus Iohannis underlined on social media that Romania joining the Schengen Area is a national objective of strategic importance. 

In turn, Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuc─â said the move might give a significant boost to Romanian exports. Chamber of Deputies Speaker, Marcel Ciolacu, said Romania deserves to be in Schengen, a move that will significantly shorten waiting times for the transport of merchandise. The announcement is extremely important, as for the first time Germany announces its unconditional support at international level, Romania's Foreign Minister, Bogdan Aurescu, said in turn. Interior Minister Lucian Bode said Romania's Schengen accession remains a key objective for our country, also hailing Germany's public support. Political pundits in Bucharest say, however, it will take a longer time before Romania will join the travel-free area. Radu Magdin, a foreign policy consultant and commentator.

"I don't know how long it will be, but it will certainly take a while. Don't expect the Dutch government to miraculously come out and say 'hey, we've seen what the Germans said, and given they are a big and strong nation and we coordinate our efforts, we will be lifting any opposition towards Romania and Bulgaria's Schengen accession'. Therefore, the political signal is, indeed, important. The Netherlands' opposition regarding our accession might remain in the short run, as we won't be seeing a change of attitude any time soon. But again, the political message is what matters".

Romania has over 2,000 kilometers of EU borders, and was supposed to join Schengen 11 years ago. Germany was one of the countries that opposed the move, invoking such reasons as corruption and judiciary-related issues. Later, some countries have toned down their opposition, with the exception of the Netherlands. (VP)
Publicat: 2022-08-30 14:00:00
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