June 20, 2022

june 20, 2022 A roundup of domestic and international news

3SI - Romania's president, Klaus Iohannis, is today attending the 7th edition of the Three Seas Initiative Summit and the 4th edition of the Three Seas Initiative Business Forum, both hosted by Riga, Latvia. Leaders of 3SI participant states will look at approaches to the current security framework in Europe in the context of the war in Ukraine. Participants will also discuss the contribution of the Three Seas Initiative by implementing strategic interconnection projects in the three key sectors of 3SI: transport, energy and digital infrastructure. According to the Romanian presidency, president Klaus Iohannis will reiterate Romania's support for Ukraine at both bilateral and multilateral levels. At the same time, Klaus Iohannis will highlight the importance of providing the Republic of Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine with support in their efforts to join the European Union. The Three Seas Initiative is a political platform bringing together 12 EU Member States located between the Adriatic, Baltic and Black Seas.

MEETING - EU Foreign Ministers are today meeting in Luxembourg to discuss ways of getting millions of tons of grain out of Ukraine. Ukraine is currently unable to export its grain due to the Russian blockade in the Black Sea. Ukraine is one of the world's largest grain exporters. Over 20 million tons of grain are currently stockpiled in silos as a result of the Russian invasion. Moscow denies any responsibility for the food crisis and claims Western sanctions are responsible for the increase in food prices at global level and the shortage of food in underdeveloped countries that rely on grain imports.

REFUGEES - The Border Police Inspectorate announced that 9,231 Ukrainian citizens entered on Sunday in Romania, down by 15% compared to the previous day. Some 1.2 million Ukrainian refugees have entered Romania since the start in the war in Ukraine on February 24. In a message marking World Refugee Day on June 20, Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă recalls that Romania displayed solidarity with Ukrainian refugees and will continue to provide them with all the necessary conditions to ensure their social and economic integration. The Prime Minister also said that, of the total number of Ukrainian refugees who entered Romania, 80,000 chose to stay, opting for the protection and security Romania provides.

COMMEMORATION - Defense Minister Vasile Dîncu is today attending the unveiling of a monument devoted to the Romanian military who died in World War I and were entombed in Italy. The ceremony is hosted by the city of Bolzano in northern Italy. Minister Dîncu will also meet his Italian counterpart, Lorenzo Guerini. Representing a Latin marble cross, the war monument was built as part of a project carried out in 2021.

BACCALAUREATE - The written tests of the Baccalaureate exam are scheduled this week. Over 126 thousand high school graduates have signed up for the exam, the lowest number reported since the 1989 anticommunist revolution. Today pupils took the Romanian language and literature test. Tomorrow they will sit the specialty exam, while on Wednesday they will take the exam in a subject of their choice. On Thursday, pupils belonging to national minorities will take the mother tongue test.

MOTION - The Chamber of Deputies is today debating a simple motion filed by USR in opposition against Education Minister, Sorin Cîmpeanu, with the vote scheduled on Wednesday. USR claims Minister Cîmpeanu is responsible for the disaster in the education system, blaming him for the high school dropout rate and for operating changes in the way pupils are examined without consulting stakeholders.

ELECTION IN FRANCE - The center-Liberal presidential alliance Ensemble! has lost the absolute majority in the Assemblée Nationale, following Sunday's second round of the legislative election. Emmanuel Macron's coalition grabbed 245 seats, 40 seats short of securing absolute majority. Ensemble! will face two opposition forces: the left-wing alliance NUPES, made up of the Communist, Green and Socialist parties, which grabbed 135 seats, and the far-right party National Rally led by Marine Le Pen, which surprisingly won 89 seats. Therefore, Ensemble! has two choices: form a minority government or a government coalition with the traditional right, which won 61 seats. If none of the solutions works out, the ensuing political crisis might prompt the president to dissolve Parliament and call snap elections.

SWIMMING - Romanian swimmers Robert Glință and David Popovici on Sunday qualified to the finals of the 100m backstroke and 200m freestyle events, respectively, at the World Swimming Championships hosted by Budapest, Hungary. Robert Glință qualified to the 100m backstroke event from the 8th position in the semi-finals, after finishing 13th in the qualifying heats. David Popovici grabbed the best result in the semi-finals, setting a new world junior record, after also grabbing the top position in the qualifying heats. Popovici is competing in his first senior championship. So far, Romania's medal sheet in the World Championships includes 2 gold, 1 silver and 6 bronze. The gold medals were won by Tamara Costache in 1986 and Diana Mocanu in 2001, while the last medal was won by Camelia Potec in 2009.  (VP)

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