the week in review April 25 - 29 2022

Romania supports Ukraine

Romania continued to express its support for its neighboring country, through visits by important decision makers to Kiev. On Tuesday, PM Nicolae Ciuca, Chamber of Deputies speaker Marcel Ciolacu, and head diplomat Bogdan Aurescu went to Ukraine. On Wednesday, Senate speaker Florin Citu took part in the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities, led by Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky. In fact, Nicolae Ciuca was received by the Ukrainian leader and met the PM and the speaker of the Supreme Rada. On the agenda were topics like the continued Romanian support for Ukraine, the humanitarian situation, and the process of reconstruction in the neighboring country. The Romanian head of government reaffirmed that Romania condemns in the harshest of terms the flagrant violation by Russia of Ukraine's territorial integrity and sovereignty. At the same time, the PM once again condemned the atrocities committed by the invading troops, and expressed Romania's support for an ample international investigation to bring to justice the perpetrators of the crimes. The Ukrainian president said that this visit was an important and clear sign of support for Ukraine in its war against the Russian Federation. The head of government in Bucharest also referred to the situation of the Romanian minority in Ukraine.

"President Zelensky underlined the fact that the Romanian minority in Ukraine will benefit from the same rights in the mirror, I emphasize this, in the mirror, just as the Ukrainian minority in Romania benefits from. I underlined that they are Ukrainian citizens, they are doing their duty for their country. Also, they have to have the benefit of support from the Ukrainian authorities and institutions with everything they need to preserve their language and cultural identity."

At the same time, the PM said that Romania is not affected right now by the Gazprom cut off of gas supplies to Bulgaria and Poland, after the latter refused to pay for the gas in rubles, as required by Moscow. The head of state said that gas consumption is way below the country's capacity of production, as Romania is one of the few countries in Europe with a consistent gas resource. He explained, however, that, on medium and short term, Romania will still need gas. He specified that the offshore and onshore law, supported by the ruling coalition, ensures the opening of investments in gas exploitation in the Black Sea and in deep wells in Buzau County, in the southeast. In turn, the speaker of the Chamber of Deputies said that the visit to Kiev was meant to send a clear signal regarding the will of a political and parliamentary majority on support granted by Romania to Ukraine. Upon return to Kiev, the Senate speaker specified that the Ukrainian authorities are looking to the future with optimism, in spite of the difficult situation in the neighboring country. He specified that, although sanctions imposed on Russia are causing right now discomfort in many areas, they are meant to ensure future national security and integrity. Defense Minister Vasile Dincu also reiterated his support for Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders. The minister on Tuesday took part in the first meeting of the Defense Consultation Group on Ukraine, hosted by the Ramstein airbase in Germany. The Romanian official condemned the atrocities that have been committed, and underlined the need to urgently open humanitarian corridors unconditionally. Vasile Dincu also had a short meeting with his Ukrainian counterpart, where he expressed his full solidarity with Ukraine, and conveyed his availability top maintain a constant and open dialog.

Romania supports Chisinau's European aspirations

The Ministry of Defense on Wednesday specified that right now, the Romanian armed forces do not have any troops in the Republic of Moldova, for exercises or any other types of common training. This clarification comes in the context in which a Russian language publication spread false information according to which Romania intends to attack Transdnestr with NATO support, and plans to invade Moldova. The publication claimed that Romanian troops are already on Moldovan territory. The misinformation disseminated by Russian channels came after a series of attacks in Transdnestr perpetrated by unknown parties. Against the background of armed provocations in the separatist region, Romania reaffirmed its support for Chisinau's European aspirations. Romanian politicians consider that the Republic of Moldova must receive a firm message from the EU that it will be supported in the future in its attempt to join it. Liberal Party chairman, PM Nicolae Ciuca, said that the latest occurrences in Tiraspol have to be scrutinized in a balanced way, of such manner that the security situation, already fragile, does not deteriorate further. Social Democratic leader Marcel Ciolacu believes that the incidents in Tiraspol were an attempt at intimidation, and announced that over the last few weeks, a joint meeting will be held by the leaders in the Senate and Chamber with the Parliament in Chisinau. The idea is supported by the USR, who considers that the incidents in Tiraspol were mere provocations, which have to be seen with a wise diplomatic eye, and that Moldova's only chance to be a European state lies with the EU. The Hungarian Union points out that now is the time to analyze the applications for joining filed by Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova, and Georgia, which allow them to be official candidates to membership in the union. The Alliance for Romanian Unity also condemned the incidents in Tiraspol, and believes that Moldova should no longer inhabit a gray area.
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