June 12, 2021 UPDATE

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G7 Leaders of the world's seven most developed countries are expected to endorse a proposal by US president Joe Biden for a global minimum corporate tax of at least 15%, the White House has announced. The Global Minimum Tax plan, also known as GMT, would effectively put an end to the practice of global corporations seeking out low-tax jurisdiction to move their headquarters to, even though their customers, operations and executives are located elsewhere. A decision on the GMT is going to be officially made during the G 7 summit, which kicked off in Cornwall, the UK, on Friday. The summit of G7 countries whose economies account for 40% of the global economy has an ambitious agenda. Leaders from the United States, France, the UK, Germany, Canada, Japan and Italy plus the EU leaders are trying to find solutions to global issues, such as vaccine supplies for the entire planet, solutions to the present economic crisis as well as ways to fight the global warming. Britain announced a donation of over 100 million vaccine doses to the poor countries while the USA is going to donate 500 million doses to 100 developing countries.

COVID-19 The number of Covid-19 infections in Romania is still low with 127 new cases reported on Saturday. 5 new Covid-related fatalities have been reported in the past 24 hours and 236 patients are in intensive care. The vaccine rollout continues at a lower pace though with only 39 thousand doses administered in the past 24 hours. Since the vaccine rollout kicked off in Romania in December last year, over 4 million people have been fully vaccinated.

RELAXATION New relaxation measures were imposed in Romania on Friday night when the state of alert across the country had been extended for another month. So, indoor private events can be attended by 200 people in regions with an infection rate below 3 per thousand only if the participants are all vaccinated, tested negative for the virus or already had the disease. Outdoor events may have an attendance up to the maximum capacity of the facility hosting the event. In Bucharest mask mandates are still in place around schools as well as indoor or crowded outdoor facilities.

PNRR The European Commission has started assessing the recovery plans it has received from the member countries willing to access funds from the European recovery plan. The Commission has made a series of observations and called for additional information after it received the recovery and resilience plan made by Romania. The European Commission has two months to assess the national recovery plans, one of the main conditions being that the applicants earmark at least 37% to ecological transition and 20 % to the digital sector. Education, healthcare, transport and infrastructure as well as digitization and public administration reforms are the main domains the National Plan of Recovery and Resilience (PNRR) focuses on and where Romania pledges to invest all the roughly 30 million Euros it is going to attract.  All investment must be completed by 2026.

LOAN The World Bank will give Romania a 150 million Euros loan to improve the quality of its medical system. The money is to be used for improving the country's telemedicine services and the screening network for cervical cancer, to build burns units and fit them with the equipment they need. The new loan agreement was signed in Bucharest and is completing an initial funding stage for a project currently underway in Romania.

WEATHER According to meteorologists, the weather will be unsettled in Romania until Tuesday with rain showers, strong winds and thunderstorms mainly in the country's north. Flood warnings have been issued for 15 counties in Romania and temperatures are expected to range between 20 and 28 degrees Celsius.

FOOTBALL Wales versus Switzerland ended in a one-all draw in Baku, Azerbaijan, in Group A of the European Football Championship 2020. Italy tops the group with 3 points after a 3-0 win against Turkey on Friday. In a first for the Romanian capital, Bucharest will be hosting four games: Austria versus North Macedonia on June 13th, Ukraine versus North Macedonia on June 17th and Ukraine versus Austria on June 21st, all of them in group C. Romania will also be hosting a match in the round of 16 on 28th June. Also in a first for Romania, the country will have two teams of referees at the aforementioned competition.


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