Interview with Miguel Maury Buendia, Apostolic Nuncio in Romania

interview with miguel maury buendia, apostolic nuncio in romania A talk on Christmas celebrations in times of pandemic, bilateral relations and more

As the COVID-19 pandemic still rages across the globe and the first vaccines having just been rolled out, people all over the world fear life as we know it is still one year away. The 2020 holiday season too will be unlike any other in modern history, and hope for a Christmas miracle has never been more alive. After nine months, pandemic fatigue is real, and keeping one's spirits high for the Christmas celebrations will be no short of a challenge. 

Hope is also the crux of the message the Roman Catholic Church conveys for this season's Christmas and New Year's celebrations. All that and more in this week's talk with H.E. Miguel Maury Buendia, Apostolic Nuncio to Bucharest.
Publicat: 2020-12-17 14:00:00
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