September 27, 2020 UPDATE

september 27, 2020 update Local elections update

Local elections – Over 41% of the Romanian citizens with the right to vote went to the polls on Sunday until 7 p.m. to vote in the local elections. In Bucharest the vote turnout was almost 32%. Romanians are electing 41 presidents of county councils, more than 1,300 county councilors, 40 thousand local councilors and 3,200 mayors. The elections are held in one single round. The local elections had been initially scheduled for June but were postponed due to the pandemic with the mandates of the current local authorities having been extended. The main competitors in these elections are the Social Democrats and the Liberals. The local elections are also a test for the upcoming presidential election to be held on December 6. The vote is taking place in special circumstances with the observance of health protection rules imposed by the pandemic. The Central Electoral Bureau rejected a request by the Interior Ministry to extend the voting process after 21:00 hours, local time, for the people still queuing near the poling stations to be able to vote.
Publicat: 2020-09-27 19:15:00
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