5 November, 2019

5 november, 2019 The 16 members of Ludovic Orban’s Liberal cabinet take over their ministries./ ACUM bloc led by the pro-European prime minister Maia Sandu wins most seats in the second round of local elections in the Republic of Moldova.

Government. The 16 members of the Liberal cabinet in Bucharest led by Ludovic Orban are today taking over the ministries they will be in charge of, following the investiture by Parliament of a new minority government. After being sworn in before president Klaus Iohannis, the cabinet held a first informal meeting yesterday evening, in which Ludovic Orban asked his ministers to quickly make an assessment of the urgent problems. He has promised that the government will be open for permanent dialogue and will take into account the expectations of the Romanian citizens. We recall that the Liberal government has replaced Viorica Dancila's Social Democratic government dismissed on the 10th of October following a vote of no-confidence.

Protest. The miners from two mines in the Jiu Valley, in the centre-west, who barricaded themselves underground nine days ago continue their protest, despite some of them suffering from health problems. Some were taken to the hospital after being diagnosed with high blood pressure or high blood sugar. The miners, who will see their jobs terminated at the end of the year, are demanding an emergency order guaranteeing them the same rights as other sector employees who were laid off. They want a complementary monthly income for two years after lay-off and for this period to be added up to their pension. Trade unions say the miners are determined to continue their protest, the longest of its kind in the last 15 years, until their demands are met. The process to close and clean up the two mines began at the end of 2017.

Republic of Moldova. The ACUM bloc led by the Republic of Moldova's pro-European prime minister Maia Sandu has won the biggest number of seats in the second round of the local elections on Sunday, said the president of the Central Electoral Commission, Dorin Cimil. ACUM has won 91 of the 384 mayor seats in contention. They were followed by the Party of Socialists close to the pro-Russian president Igor Dodon, with 83 seats, including that of the capital Chisinau, and the Democratic Party led by the former prime minister Pavel Filip with 71 seats.

Freedom House report. Governments are increasingly using social media to manipulate and spy on voters around the world, which is a worrying trend for democracy, according to a Freedom House report published on Tuesday. The organisation has found proof of advanced surveillance programmes on social media in at least 40 of the 65 countries assessed. In some states, the authorities simply block access to the internet to stifle dissent or resort to entire armies of professionals to manipulate online information and push fake news until it becomes viral, the report also shows. China is the worst case with respect to abuses against internet freedom, its government intensifying efforts to control information in the face of the protests in Hong Kong and ahead of the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen square massacre. In the US, "law enforcement and immigration agencies expanded their surveillance of the public, eschewing oversight, transparency, and accountability mechanisms that might restrain their actions", the Freedom House reports also writes.

Climate. France has expressed regret over Washington's official notification of the United Nations with respect to its decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement. An official from the French president's office has said that president Emmanuel Macron and the Chinese president Xi Jinping will sign a document declaring the "irreversibility" of the Paris accord, which was signed by almost 200 nations pledging to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. US president Donald Trump's announcement is not a surprise. He had said earlier that his country would exit the agreement. The announcement is the first step is a one-year-long process that ends one day after the US presidential elections. US secretary of state Mike Pompeo said the agreement was an unfair economic burden on the US. Under the Paris climate agreement, the pledges made by each country are voluntary and environmental groups hope the US, which is the second biggest producer of greenhouse gas emissions in the world, will rejoin the agreement with a new administration. 

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