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rri sports club 2017 in sports - a preview

While 2017 will not see any major sports events such as the Olympic Games or the European or World Football Championships, there are still plenty of competitions to look forward to.

February and March will see matches as part of Rugby Europe Championship. Romania's first match is scheduled on the 11th of February in Germany, while its final match will be played on the 19th of March in Bucharest against Georgia. A new round of qualifying matches in February and March 2018 will decide the teams that will compete in the Rugby World Cup to be hosted by Japan in 2019. Romania have several paths to the World Cup: if they finish first in the 2017-2018 Rugby Europe Championship series; if they finish second after Georgia, who secured their qualification at the World Cup hosted by England; and, in the event they finish third, if they win their play-off match against the third-placed team in the Pacific Tri-Nations championship between Fiji, Samoa and Tonga.

The next big event for Romanian sports comes from football as Romania will start playing their qualifying matches for the 2018 World Cup hosted by Russia. On the 26th of March, Romania will play against Denmark at home, in Cluj Napoca. On the 10th of June, Romania will face Poland in an away match; on the 1st of September, they play against Armenia at home; on the 4th of September against Montenegro away; on the 5th of October Romania face Kazakhstan at home; and on the 8th of October they travel to Denmark to face the Danish national side.

One of the most important events to be hosted by Romania in 2017 will take place in the western city of Cluj Napoca: the Men's and Women's European Artistic Gymnastics Championships, to be held between the 19th and the 23rd of April. The competition will bring together almost 400 female and male gymnasts from 40 different counties. This is the first top-level European competition as part of the next Olympic cycle. The event will also be used as an opportunity to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the first edition of the Women's European Championships held in Bucharest in 1957. 

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