2017 Listener's Day on RRI

2017-10-13 17:34:00

Irina Adamescu ,

You are invited to take part in our 2017 edition of Listener's Day on RRI, a show devoted entirely to you, our listeners


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 Jayanta Chakrabarty:

Dear Sir/Madam, I am grateful to RRI for highlighting this important topic which has pervaded the media worldwide. Please find below my opinion in the matter. At a time when the world is witnessing a revolution in digitization wherein the common man has the wherewithal to get instant information of news and events, a certain section of the media is hell bound in creating mistrust and mischief among the gullible public. Be it the print or electronic media, a lot of news now afloat is fake, incited and dangerous. The media are being misused by vested interests to manipulate the political, social and cultural order of the day. But can we lose our faith and trust in the media as a whole? Take a country like India which has embarked on a path of fast pace of development. Here digitization of the media is becoming an integral part of our social life. Prevalence of fake news has become a road-block for political, and social emancipation. Sensational incidents have recently been reported across the country like Lord Ganesh drinking milk, mysterious cutting of women's hair braid, helpless women victimized as witches or child lifters and glorification of intolerance in food habits, caste and religious beliefs. All these and more have made the vulnerable sections of society - the less educated, simple rural folks, gullible women and children the target of the media. These people have lapped up the news and incited others to create social disorder. These fake news devalues our confidence and faith in mass media. Now the question that RRI has rightly raised is how much faith and confidence can we have on the present day media? In my opinion, if we analyse the trends of reporting, it is seen that only a small section of the information generating agencies are at fault - those sections that are satisfied in gaining instant gratification and popularity in reporting sensational events without caring a fig for the consequences to the general public. These news media survive only on resorting to the spread of distorted, malicious and make-belief news which are often short-lived and soon forgotten. Their only aim is to create a niche audience for self-interest or on the behest of some powerful lobby. My belief is that the media in general can be trusted as a reliable partner for a country's or society's progress. It is the basic fabric highlighting the positive sides of progress and acting as a watchdog for correcting the wrong, deficient and regressive policies of a government or organization for the betterment of mankind. Media is a societal necessity for sustaining social, cultural and political progress. It is equipped to report clean, wholesome, unbiased and genuine stories of happenings in a most professional manner and filter out the grey news items that may be harmful to society. Journalists elicit our belief and confidence for upholding the freedom of speech and expression. However, as a member of society and a consumer we should always be on guard against media overstepping or mis-stepping its commitment and trust reposed by the people. Tenet of true journalism is to create social awareness, guide citizens' rights and privileges and protect citizens from exploitation of any form. Its duty is to strengthen the pillars of democratic thinking. In today's world when the print media, radio & television, smartphones, internet connectivity, twitter and You Tube have pervaded our lives, it would be the fittest of things to ignore the torrent of fake news which only erode public trust and confidence in the media. As responsible citizens we urgently require a correct and wise judgement to filter out the fake from the truth. in my view media can not always be blamed for fake news. Time and again it has been seen that powerful political, religious and business leaders have often branded news as "fake" when they have hurt their views and interests. Duty of media is to propagate news, views and opinions. Let them do their duty. Let us not blame the whole media for distrustful act of some. Let us have trust in the media who performs their tasks so assiduously and tirelessly. Sender: Name : Jayanta Chakrabarty Address : 120-A, Pocket-C, DDA Flats Siddhartha Extension New Delhi - 110014 India

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